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Recording the Patient's Dimensions

So we can provide you with the highest standard of laboratory work, start by recording the patient's dimensions:

I recommend using the Arex Articulation System, the Rotofix Facebow gives precise registration every time.

Accurate: The single lever eliminates torque distortion often found in facebows that require screws.

Easy to Use: It is self-centering and one-toggle locking - all without any assistance

Controls Quality: Because you are using a milled-key to calibrate your Artex Articulator with the lab's articulator, you're in control of quality

rf.jpg (34735 bytes)
centrfix.jpg (24279 bytes) If you don't have an Artex System, any high end articulator can be used.   Of course, the better the tools, the better the product.

If you do not have one, we will provide a Centofix for difficult cases.

It's so simple, with no mess!  With the Centrofix, it's all team work between the dentist and our dental technicians.

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