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Articulation: If you are serious about producing excellent dentures

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It may not seem obvious at first, but the transferability of Artex articulators makes real economic sense.   Why? Because the dentist can send axis-related maxillary registrations to the lab without having to ship a precision articulator.

As a result, you'll need fewer articulators on hand and that means lower overhead costs.  As a lab owner, it means I only need one articulator per station, not per case, because occlusal relationships are maintained when transferring models between stations.  This savings allows me to keep my costs down.

This articulator represents the closest thing to the human skull.



Here are some examples of our work:

centrofix True centric by using the Centrofix

Benefit: Fewer appointments.  You can go to complete set up at the next appointment

Complete set up (Lingualized occlusion) completely adjustable for excursions

complete set up
remount Remount after process

Very little occlusion adjustment

Benefit: Chair time savings

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