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SR-Ivocap©: Guaranteees the quality of SR-Ivocap precision prosthesis

ivoclar1 Processing Technique

Investment in the special SR-Ivocap flask corresponds to conventional technique and requires no additional time and effort.


Loading clamp press

Pressure: Following boil out and isolation of mould, flask is placed under 80 bar pressure in SR-Ivocap clamping press. Pressure is held until cooling time has expired.



Intensive mechanical mixing in Cap Vibrator fully dissolves monomer in polymer, thus producing fully homogenous dough. If stored according to direction, mixed material can be kept for up to five days.


SR-Ivocap denture material is injected into flask for 5 minutes under 6 bar pressure. Injection pressure is maintained during subsequent polymerization and cooling.


Controlled heat/pressure polymerization

The SR-Ivocap unit under pressure is then placed in boiling water for 35 minutes. The design of the flask, plus the thermal insulator, enables controlled polymerization from bottom to top. Polymerization shrinkage is constantly compensated by the pressure feeding of additional SR-Ivocap denture material.


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