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Did You Know?
  • You should not wear loose dentures. Have them checked immediately. Loose dentures can cause excessive friction between the soft tissues and the dentures resulting in sore spots that may become infected.
  • Dentures can warp if placed in hot water.
  • Dentures can change shape if they dry out. When not in use, cover dentures with water or a denture-cleaning solution to prevent them from drying out.
  • Dentures should be brushed inside and outside daily with a soft, large nylon denture toothbrush with round-ended bristles and rinsed with cold water.
  • Dentures don't last forever. Inspect your denture for worn teeth. Be sure to visit you dental professional regularly as part of your recommended check up schedule.
  • Medication can affect denture fit and wearability so be sure to discuss your oral health condition and to fit or adjust your dentures.
  • Only your dental professional is qualified to diagnose your oral health condition and to fit or adjust your dentures.

Ask your dental professional about the BPS denture and how it can fit your lifestyle!


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