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What is a BPS Brand Denture?

A BPS brand denture is the result of a coordinated system of products, instruments, set-up techniques and training which are available exclusively to certified dental professionals

The Products

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Chromascop Shade System

Designed for versatile, simple, precise shade matching, the Chromascop universal shade guide provides uniform shade selection for the products of the "Esthetic Revolution" including IPS Empress 2, Targis/Vectris, Ivoclar Teeth and Vivadent direct restoratives. The Chromascop is an integral component of an esthetic restorative system that facilitates prosthesis construction by optimizing communication between dental professionals.

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Stratos 200 Articulator

The Stratos 200 modular biofunctional articulator for all fixed and removable prosthetics is equipped with exchangeable angled incisal tables and condylar path inserts.

bps_teeth.gif (7079 bytes) Ivoclar Denture Teeth

Ivoclar teeth replicate natural esthetics, not only in their appearance but also in their anatomically correct shape and function. Ivoclar teeth offer exclusive blending throughout both anteriors and posteriors creating a natural depth and translucency which results in unmatched esthetics. Numerous independent studies including he Leinfelder and the Von Fraunhofer studies plus years of clinical experience have proven that Ivoclar teeth deliver longevity and superior wear resistance.

Ivoclar teeth are available in different materials:

  • SR-Antaris/SR-Postaris Double cross linked (3 layers)
  • SR-Vivodent PE/SR-Orthotyp PE PMMA (4 layers)
  • SR-Vivodent/SR-Orthotyp PMMA (3 layers)
  • SR-Vivoperl PE/SR-Vivoperl Orthotyp PE Individually colored layers of porcelain (3 layers)
bps_system.gif (6710 bytes) SR-Ivocap Injection Denture Processing System

Not all injection denture systems are the same. The SR-Ivocap process provides continuous heat and pressure injection throughout the entire process ensuring a precise fit. Aided by a unique flask design, the system eliminated porosites which can harbor bacteria and cause infection in the patient as well as weaken the denture. The pre-loaded unit dose cartridge eliminates waste, messy hand mixing and inhalation of monomer and polymer.

The Market

Number of dentures prescribed annually

Full Upper Dentures-4,520,000

Full Lower Dentures-2,750,000

Partial Dentures-4,530,000

32 million North Americans wear full or partial dentures, yet many of them are dissatisfied because of poor fit, unpleasant odors and inferior esthetics. A set of attractive, quality dentures, skillfully crated to the patient's mouth will make a positive impact on their lifestyle. A BPS denture will help to eliminate unexpected problems that can affect the overall quality of life including:

  • Poor Emotional and Psychological Health problems-Ill fitting dentures can make it difficult and embarrassing to speak and socialize.
  • Oral Hygiene-Improperly processed dentures can harbor bacteria, which can weaken the denture and lead to bad breath.
  • Joint and Jaw Disorders-Excessive denture tooth wear may cause improper fit which can upset the jaw mechanism.
  • Premature Aging-Inferior dentures wear excessively and can lead to wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks.
  • Poor Nutrition-A denture that doesn’t fit properly can make its wearer unable to chew food properly. Certain fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables can be harder to chew and denture wearer often eliminate them from their diets. Eating less or making alterations to the food texture can influence digestion and overall good health.

BPS brand dentures require less time at the dentist's office, prevent sore spots caused by ill-fitting dentures and ensure the most natural and esthetic smile available today. Because they are fabricated through the unique injection process by highly trained dental professionals, shrinkage is limited thereby eliminating the growth of bacteria and ensuring proper fit. BPS dentures can provide mature adults with long-term denture-wearing enjoyment and allow them to lead an active lifestyle.

 To The Dentist:

Prescribe a high quality BPS denture and meet the needs of one of today's fastest growing markets: the mature adult. Additional benefits include:

  • The assurance that your BPS Certified Center has crafted a quality product to an exacting standard.
  • BPS patient education materials-including Point of Purchase Display, patient brochures, customized carry/cleaning cases, and patient identification cards.
  • Increased patient satisfaction which will lead to referrals.
  • Less chair time. A BPS brand denture fits right the first one time, eliminating the need for return visits.
  • Satisfaction from your removable cases.
  • Technical support from your BPS Technical Consultant and BPS Certified Center.
  • BPS warranty.

We are a  BPS Certified Center


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